Where to download LingQ app for windows?

where to download LingQ app for windows?
is this web"Download LingQ for PC Windows 10,8,7 - AppsForWindowsPC" your official download site?

There is no official Lingq web app for Windows. The only apps available are for Android and iOS. For PC, it’s just the browser version.


There’s also the browser extension for LingQ (called LingQ Importer) to import texts and other contents, but that is it.

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We don’t have Windows app available at the moment, as @SeoulMate and @jpp025 already explained. We have mobile apps (iOS/Android) and browser extensions (Safari, Edge, Firefox, Chrome).

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Why would you ever even want such a thing?

Because I’m new to Lingq, and my iphone version is too old to support lingq. I need to buy a newer version of Iphone.

Thanks, I won’t download it then.

Can you go to the LingQ website and login and use LingQ in a browser on your phone?

It would be the same exact thing, but you might get some functionality, at least with the studying and LingQing of existing lessons on your account (maybe)?

But I prefer windows because Iphone is too small to me and not very convenient to operate.

That was in the case you wanted to use you iPhone. Wasn’t trying to imply that you “had to” or anything.

Just log onto the LingQ website via your preferred browser on windows and your good to go.

If you download the LingQ importer extension, just make sure your LingQ supports that browser, so you can import items.

Otherwise you can use the manual Import button on the LingQ website (after you log in), if you want to import content, but somehow can’t use the LingQ importer extension on your browser.

Just noticed the link you asked about.

This Link/download site is not associated with LingQ in any way.

These are official LingQ products/sites/extensions/apps:

Qoute from LingQ guide: