Where to begin


I want to learn italian(i think it’s fun) but what’s the best lesson to start with? I’ve already tried eating out part 1 but I think that’s a bit to difficult to start with. I hope someone can help me.

“Who is She?” is my choice for any language. The first lessons of the course are very easy. Take a look:
Course: Login - LingQ
Lesson 1: Login - LingQ

We also recommend Greetings and Goodbyes Login - LingQ as perhaps the easiest of our 3 LingQ beginner courses. There are also lots of other great lessons from other providers in the Library. You may want to go to the Learn page and choose Recommended Lessons from the content dropdown and tick Beginner1 as your level to see the lessons that other beginners are recommending.

Both tanks! I’ve just started with greetings and good bye’s. Mark, what are the 3 beginners courses? Eating out, who is she and greetings and goodbyes?

@jellysammy - Yes, those are the 3. You can find them all in this Playlist Login - LingQ.