Where should I place my emphasis, on LingQing or on Reading/Listening repetition?

Right now I"m doing a lot of LingQing but I’m trying to get my reading/listening time up to par. I was reading some posts below and noticed that many folks place a very high level of importance on reading/listening to the same lesson over and over. Most I’ve done so far is 4-5 times.

How many times do you read/listen to a lesson before you move on? And why? What level of mastery of an individual lesson should be realized?

I’ve been doing sometimes hundreds of LingQs per day. There’s no way I can keep up with listening to all those. But my known word count keeps climbing.



It doesn’t matter. It all helps.

I feel questions like this come up when people expect answers like ‘do X for Y amount of time, and you will get Z result.’ - it doesn’t work that way.

Exposure to the language is what matters. Go over things again and again if you want to. If you want to understand something crystal clear. If you want to dig into the details. If you combine this with extensive reading you will reap the rewards.

I agree with Leuropeanite. Keep doing what you are doing. But do it for a few months in a row and then assess your progress.

In the beginner stage I listen often, and re-read often. Tens of times each story. But not before moving on. I move on and go back again and again. As I progress, I LingQ and read and listen for meaning more, and don’t re-read or listen again as much, and eventually not at all. Don’t worry about mastering lessons. Just focus on exposure, repetitive exposure at the early stages, and full language exposure later. Cheers.