Where is the Repair Streak Function?

I wasn’t able to study yesterday and broke my streak. I was under the impression there’s a repair streak capability by spending coins? Where is it?

Nevermind, I eventually saw the popup. My next question is, where can I see how many coins I have total?

OK, great. You can see your total coins under the Profile > Statistics > Coins Earned (All Time).


Lost my streak again and can’t find the repair streak button? I tried searching the forum and the support articles but there’s no mention anywhere of how to repair a streak. I received an email with a button but clicking the button just takes me to the library/lesson page and I’m unable to locate a “repair streak” anywhere in the app. Where is it? I’d like to know so going forward I don’t have to post on the forum and waste your cycles. Thanks

Your Russian streak got broken on May 2nd. You were able to fix it on May 3rd only. Since it’s already May 6th now, and you basically had 4 days break, your streak can no longer be fixed. Keep in mind that you can fix streak only when there is a maximum of 1 day break.