Where is the button to add audio to playlist?

the new design looks great, but i still dont know how it works.

where is the button to add audio to playlist?

What does it mean the button of “my lessons”? Is there an special place for “your lessons”? i cant find it.


Hi Josu,
You will notice the button to add audio to playlists on the top left for any lesson on the Library or My Lessons page.

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Hi, thank you.

I´ve found the button to add to playlist only if i click first in to “add to my lessons”, then the button to add to playlist appears.

I think Many things are a bit confusing stil…
1- Is this playlist only to listen audios? Because i cant access to the text of the audio from the playlist.
Will be this playlist connected to the app maybe?

2-As to “my lessons” i think as well is not very clear whats the function of this new button. Because when i go to My lessons page it shows me the last lessons i´ve opened aswell, whats the sense to add this button if its not a library specific for those lessons i´ve manually selected?.

Hi Josu,

That’s correct, playlists are for listening only and they will be available and synced with the app too.

My Lessons button will show a lessons/courses you have used. Library will show all available content on the site and you will be able to search for courses/lessons you are interested in.

Also, please when you have questions about new options on the app, make sure to ask them on support email, because we don’t want to reveal to much to our members and we are trying to be mysterious :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi, sorry for the question. I will make sure to ask in the support forum next time.
Is very nice you can have quick access to listen through the playlist, but could you do the option to open the lessons as well from the playlist if you click on them? in case the user wants to see the text as well, im talking about the playlist on the website

You can ask us on support(at)lingq.com anything you want related to new apps.
Well those are playlists, so they are created to allow easier listening. If you want to read lessons you can always access them through My Lessons page or you can create Guided course instead of Playlist. Then you’ll able to read/listen at the same time.

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