Where is 5.0 now?


on my desktop everything looks the same still and when I go to the app store it says 4.0. The new version should be out now, no?

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In what app store are you looking? In the apple app store you can download LINGQ 5 for iPhone and for iPad. LINGQ 5 is not yet on my Windows laptop.

Okay that explains it. I was looking in the google app store and use a windows PC. Thanks

For me it’s available with the URL: Learn languages online: English, German, Russian, Japanese... - LingQ
When you login you’ll see the new site. At least for me.


I must say that the new version feels so different to what we previously had. Gonna take some time to adjust to the changes. It is a little slow for sure but I am sure that once it comes out of the beta state, it’ll be fine. The team has done a great job. Thank you!

I think we should say say Zoran shouldnt make predictions any more about when updates will happen haha


@jbfan88 I totally agree! :zipper_mouth_face: Sorry!


Is the web beta reliable enough to be used without worrying?

I hope so. At the moment all the lingqs I make and all the statistics get synced. So I guess that you can use both versions without losing data at some point.

And so far all seems to work fine with some minor bugs concerning the keyboard shortcuts for the reader.

But all in all I like it and I’am looking forward to the android update.

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No hard feelings, I know how difficult it is to predict how other people will finish their work.

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Thank you! This is just what I need! I really hate the current design. 5.0 is the reason why I finally subscribed LingQ premium. the interface so much more accessible and clearer.


Glad to hear! Same for me. The new version was the reason I subscribed again for premium. I’m really happy that LingQ made that step and I’m so excited for what is to come in the future.

Another thing. Could you already synchronize all different playlists in this web beta version? Thanks.

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I just tried this and when I tried to open a lesson I got an error message “Lesson Imports Limit Exceeded”. The lesson opens in the Lingq 4.0, is it a bug or I do I need to “activate” my membership in 5.0 somehow?

I imagine lingq will never be on your laptop as an app. On the computer, it has to always be accessed through a web browser as there’s no desktop app version of it. The only app versions are for mobile devices.

Just tested the beta now and am looking forward to seeing the release. Therefore, I think it’s time I send my one and hopefully only whiny post here on the forums.

I think I’ve never disliked a product as much that I pay for and use daily. There I’ve said it.

I have been paying for premium, but both the UI and UX are just terrible in the current version, not to mention the bugs. I have not been able to successfully recommend the site to any of my language interested friends because it looks and feels like junk. In order to stick to this tool, you have to use it for a while or already understand what it’s helping you with before starting to use it. That was the case for me, as I was actively looking for a tool like this, after creating a similar tool for my own purposes years ago.

It’s not enough to have core features and content that work well. UI/UX matters and products can’t be designed well by non-designers. Judging from the little I’ve seen from the beta, it seems that people here at Lingq have understood this, which makes me happy.

These may be harsh words, but I say them with love!


This refers mainly to the browser version, but I’ve not been happy with the Android version (and lack of bug fixes for it) either.

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It seems that playlists get handled differently. Because you can have multiple playlists for one language in the new version. For me some of the titles in the playlist of the new version didn’t get synced and don’t appear in the old version. But I don’t use the playlist often. So I don’t know.

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I don’t think you have to activate something. I didn’t have either. Maybe there is a upper limit in the beta version. I imported a whole book with 80 000 words. Every lesson has ~2000 words. And I don’t get this error.

Thanks. I’ve started using the playlists more now because of the new app version but as you said, they don’t get synced on the old web version so I was wondering about the beta.

Edit: yep, I’ve just used the beta now and they get synced. :slight_smile:

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