Where have I been

Since there have been some big changes on Lingq since last time I would like to point out that I’m one of the most active members on Lingq and that’s why I feel that it’s important to post this.

I have challenged myself to better myself this whole year. Most of the time it has been really stressful and everything came crashing down somewhere between 27.5 and 28.5.

27.5 was my 30th that was suppsed to be a grand event but became a whipper. The events of 28.5 led to a forced leave (vacation) that will come to and end on Monday.

It is thanks to the loyal Lingq members that I can say that I’m more optimistic about my future. And I’ll return soon as an active memeber.


Sorry to hear of the struggles! Hope the time off was helpful.

Good to have you back!