Where have all the beta languages gone and starting a not supported language in LingQ


since the update I have no beta languages any more in the drop down menu on the top left. There are only the full languages. Where can I find the beta languages?

Also I have another request:
This year I wanted to start with Bahasa Indonesia and wanted to use LingQ for this.
During my learning I usually import the lessons from Teach yourself or Assimil into LingQ and learn them afterwards.
So, is there a possibility to start a new not supported language in LinqQ. I didn’t want to misuse a given language for this and as a user from LingQ I also don’t want to setup LWT only for this language :-). Maybe this would be a possible feature for the future. Some kind of start your own language from the scratch.


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Beta languages have been hidden, but you can access to them if you know the language code of the language you want to learn.
This page sums up the requirements that any language will need to meet to become a supported language: New Languages on LingQ. However, two months after the policy change was announced on the forum, we are still waiting for the official announcement with all the details on how all this will work.
If you know any Bahasa Indonesia speakers, ask them if they want to start creating content for the LingQ students.
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I´d encourage you to use your native language slot for an unsupported language. There´s not much chance you´ll be studying your native language in the future!

I as well as other people here do that. I´m not very active, but I use the English slot for White Hmong.

Well, I use my native language slot to provide Italian lessons to the LingQ students, and I wouldn’t want to have them mixed with Catalan lessons (assuming I would use this slot to study Catalan until it’s added)…

@mikebond - That would be a problem. I was thinking more of someone who doesn’t contribute lessons in their native language (like myself). I was really directing my comment at Wompipomp :slight_smile:

And if there’s a chance he will become a contributor, he’d better not follow my advice!

Thanks for the suggestion. This would be one solution for me. And no, I don’t contribute lessons :slight_smile:

But I would encourage steve and the lingq team to think about this feature because this would be a clearer seperation of the languages (e.g vocabulary suggestions - if a word is occasionaly the same in the two languages) and you can easily study more ‘not supported’ languages without misusing the given ones. As for the argument that there is no content for these new languages: I my opinion I don’t think this would be that major problem because usually you can import good content (course books and web pages) for yourself where you don’t have to consider the copyrights. Maybe you can add these languages as “from the scratch” languages or similar (like the beta languages) with an advice that these languages have no content and are only for “advanced learners”. So considering LingQ as a infrastructure or basic toolset to learn new languages this would be a nice addition in the future maybe as a hidden feature :slight_smile:

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@Wompipomp - I think what you describe is similar to what LingQ is planning to do. Beta languages will exist but stay hidden from the navigation menus until supported. They just haven’t made any official announcements yet so all we can do is speculate. I believe they were planning on rolling out the new beta language system with this last update but it got bumped so they could get the update out before Christmas. Alex or Mark said something to that effect in the forums after the recent update… I can’t remember what forum thread that was in. Hopefully we will get an official announcement about the beta languages in the not so distant future.