Where from?

I was wondering where from the speakers of the French “Who is She?” were? I want to gain a native French accent so I’m only listening to native Parisians speak. Thank you!

Hi! A lot of languages here on LingQ have different accents, and because of this we added the Accent column, allowing members to sort by a certain accent (provided that the uploader specified the accent).

I’m not sure if they’re both from Paris or not, but they do have a French accent :slight_smile:

Sorry!! I meant to write “I want to gain a native Parisian accent…” Thank you for responding!

There are certain things I notice when I listen to “Who is She?” that makes me believe they aren’t from Paris. One I can think of off the top of my head is when they say “maintenant” they pronounce the ‘e’ which I thought Parisians didn’t do. Maybe someone from France could comment on whether or not that is true?

Sorry that I can’t help you much on this one. What I can say is that what’s more important is to learn the words. You can always work on your accent later. Once you listen to enough stuff, you’ll be able to tell what is Parisian and what isn’t.

I know a Chinese guy with impeccable English who, about two years ago, decided he preferred British English so he started to learn the accent. When I met with him I was quite surprised, since he adjusted very well to the new accent.

Thank you so much for that post! It made me very optimistic and assured =D… I have always believed that a person can learn a native accent at any age and at any time, but lately I have been doubting that because i have heard so much about how after a certain age you can’t… adjust your brain (?) for lack of a better word. Thanks again!

Just learn French. Forget about getting a Parisian accent, that will come.