Where do you watch Japanese dramas (besides Netflix?)

I’m talking about live action dramas, not anime. I used to watch them on Netflix Japan, but the VPN stopped working so I can’t get Netflix Japan anymore only the local Netflix (which does have a few live action Japanese dramas, but I didn’t like a lot of them and they don’t have Japanese subtitles either, only German and/or English subtitles) and all the other sites I found always have hard-coded English subtitles which you can’t turn off.

I don’t watch Japanese things on this site, but I believe Viki also has a lot of Japanese content. From my experience, the subtitles are always available in at least English, but often many languages, even the one used in the actual show appear as options. I use it for Korean, and many shows have Korean subtitles, but they don’t always have them. The other downside is that the subtitles aren’t necessarily made by professionals, but they’re usually pretty decent!

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