Where do you buy DRM free books in other languages? Particularly portuguese

I wanted to buy a book from amazon and load it onto LingQ. Unfortunately their DRM stops me, and Calibre, which used to strip it, is now refusing to in their latest updates.

Does anyone know where I can DRM free portuguese language books?

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Check Google Play Books. The books are not DRM free, but the DRM is much easier to remove with Calibre or Epubor ultimate.


You can search for the corresponding converter or DRM removal on the internet. I opt to listen to audiobooks rather than reading. So Iā€™m a loyal fan of Audible. However, all audiobooks are encrypted with DRM. So I was recommended to use an Audible Converter to help me convert all my downloaded books to DRM-free files. It works well indeed. :handshake:

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