Where do Russian's go to read most of their daily news?

This is for the native Russian speakers I suppose! I want to start reading my news from authentic Russian news websites daily, and was wondering which is the best/most neutral/most analytical news website open to Russian language speakers?

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

I try to use different newspaper’s sources with my students coming to St Petersburg to study Russian in order to give them differnt points of view-
-the official point of viev from “Российская газета” or “Известия”

  • the liberal point of view from “Новая газета” (always opposite to Putin), “Независимая газета” (more neutral, but without support to the government or Putin), “Коммерсант” ( but they write more about the economics, not politics)
  • the leftists - “Литературная газета”, “Комсомольская правда”
    “Аргументы и факты” tries to represent different points of view. And to start it’s better with this week paper because the articles are tere a bit shorter.
    I don’t use websites in the internet, I buy these newspapers, but I sure that you can find the websites of all newpapers there.

Thank you for this Evgueny! I picked up a couple of editions of ‘Аргументы и Факты’ this week, and I’m trying to get through them. I will search for the websites of the news-outlets you’ve outlined, and hopefully will be able to import a few things into LingQ :slight_smile: