Where do my imports go?

After I import something from YouTube (anywhere) I can’t find those imports. Isn’t there a ‘import folder’ or someplace where I can easily see my imports? I have to then search for the name and then it’s in my ‘continue studying’, but unfortunately, so is every course I’ve opened to even see if I like the course (usually I don’t) and so the ‘continue studying’ is mostly filled with things I don’t want but won’t go away even I delete them. Or they go away on the computer but still on my tablet/phone.

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All your imports are listed under the Continue Studying shelf on the home page.
To find them easier, you can change the sort by to Newly Imported and switch between lessons/courses view.

If you don’t specify where it should go, the Quick Imports Course is the default course as far as I can tell for all new stuff