Where do I begin?


I signed up to LingQ about a year or two ago (Honestly, maybe more…) But I never took advantage or used any of the lessons offered. I spent my time trying to learn from other audio programs and have had a little bit of success, but I’m eager to learn more and I’m hoping LingQ can help me out.

However, I’m kinda stuck; I have no idea where to begin. Thats what stopped me from going along with LingQ in the first place. I had chosen Russian as my language to learn as my background is Polish and I found Russian came relatively easy to me (Speaking-wise anyway) How would be a good way to go about learning more?

Start by watching this video.



We’ve just created a new video that will hopefully give you a better general understanding of the site and the methods it uses: - YouTube

The great thing about LingQ is that you can use it however you like and adapt it to your own personal learning style. However, if you’re not really sure what your learning style is then I can make a few suggestions.

Make vocabulary acquisition the most important goal in your language learning. There are various methods to acquiring vocabulary, but simply do the things that are fun to you. If you like flashcarding, then study flashcards. If you like reading, then read. Eventually, with enough exposure to the language, you will naturally learn more and more words. Don’t worry about words if you only see them once. The very virtue of only seeing them once means that they probably aren’t important to you right now.

You can start by opening up a lesson, reading through it and listening to the audio. Create LingQs of any words that you don’t quite know or have never seen before. Listen to the audio multiple times until you can understand a decent amount of it. When you (a) get bored of the lesson, (b) have listened to and read the lesson many times or (c) find yourself losing focus then simply move on to another lesson. The goal in all of this is to get as much exposure to the language as possible.

If you don’t like lessons in the Library or find some interesting content on the Internet that you would like to study on LingQ, simply import it into LingQ as a private lesson or, if you’re a paying member, just highlight the text and click the Import Bookmarklet for 1-click importing into LingQ.
Seeing words in yellow and blue will give you a much better sense of the difficulty of a text. It will also allow you to quickly review definitions of words that you have already saved.

There are plenty of members on the site who are willing to help out should you have any questions, so don’t be shy :slight_smile:

This is great, thank you both for the information, I will make sure I go through the videos on YouTube and take more advantage of LingQ.