Where can I find the URL address of the lesson?

In the version before we had the URL address at the end of all lessons and I could send the lesson per e-mail to my friends. Now we have a mark ‘e-mail’ but when I try to open it, I see my search program AVG that demands from me to give webside of the lesson that I don’t know now.
Where can I receive this URL adress of the lesson because it exists of course but now it is hidden from us?
In my today’s case my Interviewer partner Fasulye asks me to send to her our last Podcast, but I can’t without this URL address.

I’m not exactly sure what is happening there but AVG is your anti-virus program I assume. So, when you open an email to send the link it asks you to verify the source of the link. Have you tried entering LingQ.com as the website of the lesson?

Have you tried to disable AVG? When you click “e-mail” button, you should see the dialog window asking to choose e-mail software or service; following by creation of new e-mail with URL in its body.

You can get URL while in Library (including “My Lessons”) by RMB-clicking on a lesson title and selecting “Copy URL” from the context menu.

Thanks, but I can’t yet receive URL in the library. What does it mean RMB that I have to click?..
I have a Russian Interface, but I can re-translate the commands in my library page into English.
I have the title of the lesson and then following signs:
level\ time\ accent\taken\ providor\shared
and to the right a bottom ‘to open’ and one more bottom (for share aparently) with: e-mail, facebook, twitter, share+ rose, open the course and add to the playlist.
That’s all.
And if I click the title of the lesson, I really open the lesson and have no possibility to select URL address.
And I ask again Mark or Alex: If it isn’t a military secret, how I can to find the URL address of the lessons???..

Я имел в виду клик правой кнопкой мыши по заголовку урока, что вызовет контекстное меню вашего браузера (т.е. это не интерфейс lingq; так можно скопировать ссылку на любом сайте). В меню будет пункт, позволяющий скопировать ссылку: в Firefox он называется “Копировать ссылку”, в Chrome - “Копировать адрес ссылки” и т.п. Но, конечно же, было бы проще видеть ссылку в явном виде в самом уроке.

@a5m Спасибо,у меня большие проблемы с компьюторным образованием. Попробую теперь так.

I am also trying to send a lesson to one of my friends and I am having the same problem, no RMB to click on. I see the same signs on my lessons as does Evgueny. What do we have to do?

In fact this URL addresses exist, and I can see them because some LingQ members advertise their lessons in Forum - maybe they can inform us where they take them now?


I see that there are several people who want to know this, so let me explain it to you all:

  1. Go to a lesson and on the right side of the lesson you see the word “open” and on the right side of this word “open” there is a box with an arrow down.

  2. Click on this arrow down and then a drop-down menu opens.

  3. The first alternative in this menu is “Email Link” and, if you click on it, your e-mail program (for example MS Outlook, or Windows Mail or Mozilla Thunderbird) opens and on the text space of the e-mail you can see the link to the LingQ-lesson.

  4. Copy and paste (ctrl + c, ctrl + v) this link into an e-mail or into the forum or where else you need it.


Evgueny, I am sorry that I did not get back to you with answer since I was busy getting ready to leave on my trip. I am now in Montreal.

Fasulye, thank you for your clear explanation. For me, when I click on Email Link from the drop down, my email program opens and I just fill in the email address, or addresses of the recipients and send the email. I sent it to myself and was able to open up the program.

Have a nice trip to Prague, Steve, with lots of language practise in Czech!


Thanks, I am looking forward.

Thank you Fasulye. I now have the link. I want to share with one particular member, a lesson that cannot be put in the library because of copyright restriction. I think this is legal. Can anyone tell me whether or not this is permissible?

Yes this is legal. You are allowed to share URL’s. As long as the information is available freely on the internet you can direct people there, and we can of course import these lessons.