Where can I find intermediate level French content to import?

I need to find content that is intermediate/advanced that has both audio and transcript. Anyone know any good sites out there? I don’t mind paying either. Thanks in advance.

You will find podcasts in several languages, among which French, on www.podclub.ch . For French they have the series Balades and the series L’avis de Marie. It is possible to import this into Lingq.


Wow thanks very much sir! I have just checked them out and they appear to be very good indeed. Much appreciated.

I actually watched the whole thing, despite the fact that the language used was so specialised. Having said that, I could still pick out words and sentences every few seconds. Will have to watch stuff like this more often. Thanks.

These days you can download the audio and subtitles from Youtube

Here are some channels to follow:

Norman fait des videos
Golden moustache

@ADMINS/DEVELOPERS: Would be great if Lingq would allow easy way to import the audio and text from Youtube (at the moment I still need to use sites like keepvid before making the Lingq upload.

Well done, @Tourminator! If you real want to learn French, these kinds of stuff are helpful. My English isn’t good, but BBC , Channel 4 News, Good Morning Britain… are among my favorites.

Keep it up man!