Where can I find a Russian audio bible

… of a modern translation only? I have found the audio for the synodal bible, but the language of that version will likely be archaic. I want the language to be standard and current, just like the New International Version English bible. I plan to listen and read the text.

Reading the bible is an excellent way to build up vocabulary since many of the stories will be familiar.

Thank you in advance…

Hi, Bible.is - Faith Comes By Hearing - has a free downloadable dramatized mp3 version NT (IBS Central Asian Russian Version) - it’s great because of the music and sound effects, and different voices including male & female. I personally prefer listening to this type of Bible audio.
1. Select audio lang: type in “Russian”
2. Select Bible version: Central Asian Russian Version audio drama NT
You can also listen on site: see Bible.is - Faith Comes By Hearing for example.

The downside is that there is NO matching text.

However I found matching text for you: http://www.biblica.com/en-us/bible/online-bible/cars/Иохан/2/niv/ Note the text is copyrighted & not public domain (as they point out) - so use privately. Note both Russian text & NIV English is displayed on page. Yay.

Hope this helps.


I really like this app: https://www.youversion.com/

They have 779 languages to choose from, and that apparently includes Russian (I checked). It’s a great app with high quality audios and text options. I recommend you check it out!