Where can I buy "cell 213" outside of canada

before I receive any complaints, of course I know how to write Canada, but obviously my keyboard did not work correctly on this one, and I noticed it too late!

I know this question does not exactly qualify for a language forum, but I am pretty desperate.

I am a huge fan of Eric Balfour, and I wanted to buy his movie “cell 213” (2010). Unfortunately I only found this:

But they only ship to Canada and I do not live in Canada. I desperately want to buy this movie, but I cannot find it anywhere else. Does anyone know where I can order this movie, although I live in Germany? (Region code won’t be a problem, as I own an international player)
I checked on all available amazon sites, but I cannot even preorder it, not sure why, though. Somewhere I read this movie was released this year but I found zilch.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!