Where are the tag fields?

Suddenly, the tag fields are not showing up when entering new records through the Google Chrome browser. They were there two hours ago. I checked the reader settings and the “Show tags” choices are checked off. When I go to Vocabulary input process the tags are showing. What is happening today?

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Same lack of functionality when using Safari.

Is there a default setting for the browser app (Google Chrome and Safari) READER SETTINGS? How can I reset what I have? I want some combination of check off boxes that will provide:

  1. A popup box that gives me access to Tags, Dictionaries, Notes, Meanings that I have entered, Popular Meanings that others have provided, and the Know Word Status (1,2,3,4,check mark).
  2. I have played around with Text Sample size, font style, left the font size at 1X, and numerous combinations of check marks on the different NEW WORD, and LINGQS choices, but none of these are getting me the results that I want. It may be best to start over with the Default settings that were in place when the browser were set up.

It’s not you, something has broken on the site as of about a day ago… check the forums for other threads complaining about this.

We are looking into the issue. Thanks for your patience everyone.

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There are no dictionary search and site search options anymore (such as wiki), please fix it as soon as possible

We are working on it and we will have it fixed.