Where are the Russian tutors. We need more Russian tutors. Please

Not only me, but others are asking for more Russian discussion times. I would like to see some new faces and hope our faithful established tutors will start posting discussions soon.

If you are a native Russian speaker and want to tutor, please contact me on my wall.

I am here, I have low-speed and high-priced Internet now. I suppose Helen remembers our the very first English conversations… Now my Internet is even worse (I use CDMA modem and here, at the outskirts of town, connection is rather unstable…). That’s why technically I can’t host discussions right now :(( Second, on Friday (Sept., 4) there is a wedding of my sister. I don’t have time even to correct writings. But the good news are that

  1. the last week-end I saw that they were installing equipment for optic fiber at our street;
  2. my bank account is almost “at ground level”, so I am eager to earn points to pay for my Japanese and English :)))
    I will definitely come back to tutoring as soon as possible, but it will happen at best in the middle of September.

I hope all other Russian tutors will post more discussions, and correct writings. And I encourage Russian-speaking members to become a tutor. It is very interesting!

I know it must be frustrating for Russian tutors that, even when you have your Skype set-up working, there aren’t always students regularly studying Russian! I would like a regular slot with a Russian tutor, and even better would be some group conversations!

If anyone wants to try being a Russian tutor, I suggest you keep offering conversations until you acquire a group of regular students.

Rasana I don’t remember your Skype connection ever being a problem…not compared with the problem of my poor Russian :wink:

I would like to have a tutor for the Story of Nina, but there are not any conversation times for it. I decided to go ahead and try to do it myself, but it is much harder to understand without tutors explaining the idioms and things like that.

Which episode of the “Story of Nina” you’re struggling with at the moment?
Perhaps I could help you with it.

I am also keen to have a weekly Russian slot (for at least a year), I would be more than happy for it to be part of a group conversation - although I cannot guarantee the quality of my input ;-). I suspect that Helen is at a much more advanced level than I am, but I would find it very useful to listen to a group conversation and try to participate as best I can, if other group members would not find it a hindrance.

So far I wasn’t too successful in planning conversations well in advance. Mea culpa. But if I post conversations 1 day beforehand - nobody sees it, hence, nobody comes.
So as long as there’s not too much people striving to do Russian, why don’t we try to come up with some conversation times in person? At least I have no idea what time zones different Russian learners live in, what time slots would be convenient to people.

Adrian and Will, please drop me a line in Skype (alternatively either in Google Talk or in ICQ, whatever). Helen, you’re welcome too )

Thank you for the offer. I will be away until the 11th of September but after that I would really like a weekly conversation preferably mon-fri anytime between 9 and 15 on weekdays - but I’m (fairly) flexible. Anyway, I’ll get in touch with you once I return from Turkey.