Where are the reports?

I can no longer access the conversation reports, where are they?

If you click on Write under Lessons, or just click on Lessons, you should see them. I do. If you don’t please let us know.

I don’t. I’m using the latest version of firefox on windows xp (updated).

Over to Mark then. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Did you not get an email for your conversation report? We did take the reports off the Lessons page to reduce clutter and speed things up. You do get an email for every report and once you import it, you can access old reports in the Import section.

Mark, I miss the link too. Sometimes LingQ had trouble to send emails. Then there is no chance to have access to the conversation report. How could we manage this.

Yes, but what if I lose somehow the email? Maybe it would be preferable to implement the alert of a received conversation report into the friends activity page

Ok. We’ll figure out a place to show those. :slight_smile: