Where are the new SpanishLingQ podcasts or other conversational lessons?

I am an intermediate Spanish learner. Right now, I really want to focus more on being able to understand conversations. It’s very difficult for me, understanding conversations, because they have a different rhythm than news items or an audiobook.

In the library, currently what I see as far as conversations are SpanishLingQ and BertayOscar. SpanishLingQ I like (expecially with Mariano and Guillermo), but there haven’t been new SpanishLingQ podcasts since November 2010. BertayOscar podcasts I love, but there haven’t been as many lessons of those lately (which I completely understand, being that I have done a few of the transcripts, and it takes a lot of time).

Will there be new SpanishLingQ podcasts? Are there other conversation based lessons in the library that I can study? Are there other websites where I can find intermediate and advanced level conversations (with native speakers only) with transcripts?

Have you tried the Texas University website? The recordings are not really conversational, but close enough for me.

Ah yes, thanks for reminding me about that site.

Do we have permission to import them to LingQ?

I see the Portuguese parts are in LingQ already.

@edwin - We will look at uploading the Spanish lessons over the next week.

they also have a chinese version. Used them a lot in the past to gain vocab…
The “Stereotypes” videos are very interesting. It would be nice to have those in lingq…


I have some Spanish lessons imported already. They are just private because I didn’t bother to ask for permission from them.

So we need permission separately from different language departments I guess?

Not quite. Orlando Kelm gave us specific instructions when sharing his content on LingQ. Since there is quite a bit of content, it might take some time, but I’ll start uploading the lessons soon :slight_smile:





So, back to my original question: Any other conversational lessons?