Where are my points?

I’ve invited many people to this platform. For a while, one of my friends upgraded, and I was supposed to be reimbursed monthly for his membership. That still, hasn’t happened. I’ve posted this issue multiple times with still no answer. Please help, if I can’t get the points then what can I get?

Are you sure all these people used your referral link for registration? Our affiliate program works just fine and points are given out regularly (20% of each payment). What is your friend’s username?

Yes, it was Simon_Maier. Hes no longer upgraded, but for the time he was I never got reimbursement. (I have verified he is in my referrals list)

Thanks Joshua, you are correct, he is in your referral list. I reported this to our team and will let you know as soon as I hear back from them. We’ll make sure you get all points.

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@Joshua9274 Referral points for all payments made by user Simon_Maier are now added on your account. Also, in case he upgrades again, you will be receiving referral points regularly.

Thank you!