Where are my Points?

I am a premium member and on the downgrade-upgrade screen it says that the premium members get %50 point discount. I bought 5000 points and booked 2 conversation (120 minutes - 2 hours). I think that there should be 3000 points left because each 15 minutes conversation costs 500 points for non-premium users but I am premium and 15 minutes conversation must have costed 250 points. Am I wrong?

I hope that you guys understood what I am talking about.

No… 15-min conversation equals to 500 points for premium members. Here’s the explanation:

What do services cost?
1 on 1 Conversation (15 minutes) = 500 points ($5*).
4 on 1 Group Discussion (1 hour) = 500 points. ($5*)
Writing Correction (100 words) = 333 points ($3.33*).
*Includes 50% discount for paying members.

How does the Points Discount work?
The undiscounted price of points is $20 for 1000 points. Paying accounts will get a discount of 50% and will pay $10 for 1000 points.

Aydin, thanks for the information.

Then, 1 hour converstion costs 4000 points (40 $) for non-premium members. I gotta say that it’s the most expensive service among the language learning platfroms.On Italki, you can easily find native tutors who offer 1 hour tutoring for 8 - 15 $. By the way, 1 hour 1 on 1 conversation course (by native speakers) costs 75 TL (18 $) in Istanbul.

And if you want to speak 1 hour a week you have to pay 20$ + 2,5$, which makes 90$ per month, 1080 $ per year. That’s too much for me! I will think over my studing program.

Yes, $40 for a conversation doesn’t make sense at all given that you can be a premium member for $10 and take the very same lesson for $20.