Where are my points displayed?

it looks like the latest update removed the “Points” tab and other tabs from the “profile” menu on the upper bar. Now, if I hover my username with my mouse, I only find the “Log out”, “Settings” and “Translate LingQ” sub-menus. Where can I see my points now? I haven’t found them mentioned anywhere.
Thank you,

You find them in the settings.

Hi Michele,
As Vera said, you can find your points balance on the settings page now (Login - LingQ).

Is there any chance that in the future the points will again be displayed in the profile menu? It as a lot more user friendly and faster just to hover the profile menu than to have to click all the way down to settings and points. Please consider this for the next update. Thanks.

A slightly easier way is to click “Exchange” at the top. Your points are displayed there. (And I agree, they were a good reminder in the profile menu.)


Thank you, Susanne, this tip helps.

By the way, it’s not so easy to use the menus on touch screens.