Where are my pants?

Actually, my avatar’s pants ? I bought them, but they don’t appear on the creature… I prefer a well-dressed avatar !


Well, that’s no good!

If you go to your profile and click on your Avatar, do the pants show there as having been purchased?

Hey Donald Duck doesn’t wear pants either (and he’s cool-- well sort of) :slight_smile:



but I paid for those pants with hard-earned coins !!


Ah This question,Where are my pants (Kde jsou moje Kalhoty) in Czech or Slovak reminds me of wonderful times in Prague.But your avatar looks fine pant less as long as it has that recyclable bag for the baguette! I see that you have a crazy Slovak cousin that calls you. You should study Czech here at LingQ since the 2 languages (supposedly) are similar Good luck finding your pants.

in reply to Alex…yes, at least I interpret it that way; they have a check mark in the box

I would love to study Czech, and Arabic, and Mandarin, and …!!!

Donald Duck does wear a shirt though - he’s not an exhibitionist… :wink:

Hmm, that’s interesting. In that case I’ll follow up by email so we can get this sorted out!

Donald Duck does indeed wear a shirt (he is after all somewhat cultured i’m sure). However, his buddy Bugs Bunny wears neither pants nor shirts.

That’s true, though Bugs Bunny is part of the Warner Bros. universe and Donald Duck is from the land of Disney.

Porky Pig wears a jacket, though some might say he is in fact quite exposed, even with his shoulders covered. I can’t be too critical, though. Our Help section has a compilation of nude LingQ avatars: Avatar Help

Methinks you need to have a question/answer about dressing avatars…

I see what the problem was. Take a look here: http://screencast.com/t/mvGVIXBRT4cU

The good news is the pants aren’t lost - they work properly. The bad news is that Avatars aren’t currently mix-and-match, so you have to either go with one outfit or another. If you would prefer to buy the pants for the Napoleon outfit, I’d be happy to give you an extra 20 coins (and not take back your current pants) so you can buy them.

My German guy’s pants, along with other pieces of clothing, were taken away after a major update of your site, the one just before the second last Christmas. All clothing items could be rebought except for the pants. I also rebought everything for my French guy.

Wow, I guess I’m not much of a fashion princess…lots to learn besides languages

Hmm, that’s strange. I’ll send over an email to follow up…

The pants are back in their rightful place, and the residents of LingQtopia can now rest easy that there is one less pantless German avatar running around. :slight_smile:

omg! Are there others ?

I sure hope not, but the internet is a scary place sometimes…

They are right next to your Clapper.