Where are my archived items?

Hi, the Bland-new LingQ is also looks nice!
However, I cannot find all of my archived items.
I can see some of them. But I could not find most of them although I clicked “View all archived lessons”.
I just want to let you know it. Please take your time.
Thank you.

I wonder if lessons that were “complete” in the old system now show up as archived but formerly “archived” lessons now don’t show up. Can anyone tell me if that seems to be the case? Is that the case with you gecko413?

I am afraid I never had any lessons ‘complete’ in the old system, as they still took up space out of the active assignments you were allowed to have. I can’t access any of the lessons I took out of the library and archived, not even if I go to the library and try to select them. Anything I have had in my archive but deleted a while ago I can now take out of the library. I can also still access items I created by using the import tab and opening one item at a time, then pressing ‘Save & Open’. I am sorry I can’t help you with any information about the complete items.

We are working on restoring previously archived lessons to your current archived list. I will let you know when that’s up.

Hi, Mark. I can see all of my archived lessons now as before.
Thank you!

Hi Gecko,

You’re welcome. Yes, the archived items have been returned.