When words fail you . .

What to say when words fail you.

I think the series of essays by skybluepot is very useful for us all.

→ by skyblueteapot

I agree. Vera has translated the blogs into German and added them to the library. A shining example to us all!

I agree too.

Is there also an audio en English? The text is very helpful thanks!! :slight_smile:

When you are asked if people in your country like dogs, which one do you want to use in order to make “some noise while revving up your brain”?

1)“Did you say dogs or frogs?”
2)“Do people in my country like dogs?”
4)“That’s a VERY interesting question! Let me think…”
5)“Well, I’m not ENTIRELY sure, but I would say…”
7)“Do you mean that they like dogs in the sense of keeping them as pets?”
8)“Mmm…I’m not really sure…how popular are they in YOUR country?”

I might use all, except no.7(it would be too long for my brain).

I would say that I have no idea what percentage of people like dogs in my country.

Words fail me even in my native language recently…

There is no audio yet. It’s on my “to do” list.

Also on my to do list is a piece on small-talk for introverts.

Hi Helen!
excellent! gut feeling!:slight_smile: en my"to do"list is learning English! :wink:

Great essays Helen, funny. It’s a pity I can’t remember your tricks.

I liked it so much that I asked Helen if I can use it for “Veras Corner”. I translated it into German and recorded it. Thank you Sanne for mention this.