When will they add other dialects in Arabic?

Right now Arabic at LingQ is way too concentrated in the middle east. No dialects from the Maghreb get any room or representation which is sad because those dialects are the hardest ones to understand if you learn Fus7a or Gulf Arabic? Will LingQ add these other dialects?


I was wondering this as well. I know its hard to find dialect stuff actually written down but seeing the different dialects would be cool.

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We will do our best to have more content added as soon as possible, in various accents.


Hey, what do you need to get a new dialect added to Arabic? I would be willing to help if I could. I really want to see Libyan Arabic added.


whats your plan for getting libyan arabic? i’m curious as to how dialect content is obtained since its like writing down african american vernicular english (there is no standardized spelling)

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Ah, yeah, I don’t know how that would happen, most dialects except Egyptian get almost no attention, although LingQ does have some for Levantine, I really think Mashriqi (Iraqi) would be useful since its quite prevalent in refugee communities abroad, North African dialects are also important since they are the most distinct from MSA. Personally I don’t know what way to go about it yet though, but if Levantine could make it through, why not the others?

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Yeah definitely also the prevalance of Qatar, UAB, and Saudi arabia gulf arabic is useful too. I wonder how they did it for levantine haha. Yeah the more dialects the better haha.

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