It’s an English version of my original article in Russian.
It’s translated into English and read by Lewis with a British accent.
THanks a lot, Lewis!
I believe this topic is interesting for all people who learns foreign languages, than’s why I give a Link to the podcast:

@IT - Here is the link to the Russian original:

Проверьте аудиофайл в английской версии, аудио не до конца и повтор на 3:02…

Я только что послушал весь файл, а дефекта не было, ни на 3:02, ни до конца. Может быть на сайте моментально была проблема? (I just listened through the whole file and there was no problem–not a 3:02 nor on to the end. Maybe the server had a momentary problem?)

I’ve also listened again. It was a long coonection, maybe two minutes, but after that it was OK. Yes, Lewis repeat a part of the sentence at 3.20 - ‘I am not attempting to suggest’, but it doesn’t disturb to listen to.
I almost never correct such little speaking mistakes, we all speaking our mother languages make them, the person is not a machine.
The audifile covers the whole text.

Повтор на 3:02… !

Ну, может быть…но, как уже сказал Евгени, я не робот же.

It’s very good, Lewis.
I repeat very often when I’ve having a conversation in Russian.
It gives an additional trait of the life - I think so.