When to Pick up the Grammar Book?

So in 6 days time I would have been studying Spanish for 2 months ( A long time I know ) and was thinking of starting to briefly read a grammar book on Spanish either when I have reached 2 months or originally when I had been studying Spanish for 3 as I would have acquired more vocabulary by then as currently I am averaging over 1000 known words a week, every time I reach 1000 more known words I will put the date and then will continue this.

and now that I have accumulated an okayish amount of known words I hope that is will be now useful to me than if I had just started the language

Look forward to your opinions as always

Some people are different. I started to pick up grammar books and read about the rules as soon as I started learning. I thought doing it as I went along was the most helpful for me. Many will argue learning grammar early on versus later. The ones that argue to put grammar off, seem to argue the more exposure, the more it will ‘settle in’. This didn’t work for me. With Russian being grammar extensive, I needed some sort of reference. I read grammar books and watched videos, and listened to a lot of grammatical podcasts. So, I would say both parties are correct.

This approach worked for me as I’m about 90% accurate with my declensions these days. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yup. Now’s the time.

You don’t have to “read a Grammar book”, but you need to refer to the Grammar book for some questions: why we must write so and not differently.
Some languages have more difficult Grammar, for example German or Russian, but even in these cases it’s better to learn some grammar a bit, very slowly, gradually and together with the texts and examples and not without them.


I feel like where I have accumulated a few thousand words and I am sure I will have reached 4000 known words by the weekend I feel like now is the time to start having a little read on grammar!

I got one and it helped me to understand some rules.

Wish you luck and succes.

I would like to understand the grammar using books or youtube explanations.
What for should I invent the grammer rules myself?
Sometimes I have to explain some rules differently just for myself and just to feel the language better. But grammer books are necessary always. They may be boring but useful anyway.

This might not be too popular around here, but when I was at your point with French I downloaded the Babbel app and used their grammar section before switching back to LingQ.

But this only worked because:

A) I like a little bit of structure in the beginning before diving into content. Just to get an idea of what I am “facing” in the language

B) Babbel is great in my opinion to quickly brush up on certain grammar aspects. Mind you, the price tag of 20 EUR per month might be a bit much for some (keep an eye open for the 1 month free trial specials).

Otherwise, type into google: Spanish grammar cheat sheet. Print it out and hang it somewhere in your house. See example below.

That cheat sheet is a nice idea, and I might even try it, thanks! I personally don’t study grammar at all because I am lazy and I am unable to force myself into studying something that is no fun to me. I suppose a simple pdf file for reference of some basic grammar might work.

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Grammar books arent strictly necessary, but if you want to ensure good grammar from the beginning you ought to use it (in my opinion of course) immediately and learn it while getting exposed to real material. I dont see the point of grammar books once youve reached a high level unless you want to specialize in it or something

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A bigger one

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I agree, there is usually a point along the way that stumps you so bad that it´s distracting you from just moving on, it´s not necessary (probably) but it´s a good way to scratch that itch. I could also see a point where it´s just not needed, looks like you may have got there once or twice already, I can´t see how it would help beyond a certain point, if your goal is general functionality (whatever that is) in the language.

Titles are always good

Just watched the video I understand where the guy is coming from I just want to look into to grammar to prehaps improve my reading I am gonna have a look at my assimil book tonight!

I didn’t look at any grammar rules until recently. I’ve been studying for 2 and a half years, mostly outside of LingQ.

When I looked up some grammar rules the other day it all made sense because I already knew all of the characters/words in the examples. Had I looked at these rules before, it probably would be a lot harder to digest.

Also since I knew what I was looking for in the first place and had seen these patterns many times while reading/listening, it was only a matter of a quick look and the concept was understood. I’m not sure it would have made sense had I been trying to learn these before being quite comfortable in the language already.

All that being said, basic grammar was covered in the other courses/books/podcasts I had already been studying. The basics will be covered regardless in most learning material, the more complex grammar, I think, should only be tackled once one is very comfortable with the language.


“I understand where the guy is coming from”

Thank you, @jonesjack, for the expression above - completely new for me despite the fact that i know every single word within it!

I appreciate you, native-speakers of English, when you interact here at Linqg. You’are helping us a lot.

You’re more than welcome!