When importing video, stuck on "downloading audio..."

When I tried to import a youtube video using the browser extension, on the LingQ site, the audio never downloads. This problem seems to have started to happen today.

Can you check the same lesson again now and let me know if audio appeared?

I was having the same issue yesterday. The audio does appear.

I was uploading 10–15-minute YouTube videos. So, I thought maybe that was the issue.

confirm the bug with youtube’s TMaFzu7mqik video

Hi igronus,

We will look into this and fix it as soon as possible.

Works now. Thanks a lot. But after I’m getting “audio: This audio cannot be used in shared lesson.” while trying to make the lesson shared… Will create a separate thread.

It looks like most videos are able to be imported (albeit it might take a while), but others get stuck on “downloading audio…” indefinitely.