When I try to LingQ it comes up with error message

Hi, I’m trying to LingQ the word “animo” it says:


-ensure this value has at most 250 characters (it has 392)."

@James123 - Is this warning appearing when you try to click a hint in the blue popup or when you click the “New Hint” button? Or both?

Also, which lesson are you studying?

Hi Mark, it’s a private lesson which I’ve imported from a writing report and it happens when I try to click a hint in the blue popup box.

@James123 - Is there a long unbroken string of characters like a line in the text you have imported? It looks like that could be the problem. You need to insert a space in it to break it up.

Do you mean like a sentence with no spaces in the words? I’ve just checked and the layout to the text is fine.

How about a horizontal line?

No, there’s no horizontal line. I’ve managed to add the term in manually now anyway from the vocabulary page. It took a bit of time because the first time I did, the term was added with no definition. Then, I went on the lesson and it was highlighted yellow but when I hovered over it, the blue box came up. I tried to add it again. Now, it appears in the lesson as a LingQed term, iLingQ registers it and it does come up as a flashcard, so everything is fine.

Thanks for the help anyway!

Strange! Let us know if it happens again.