When I import a lesson, how can I leave it available for everyone?

Hello everybory,

My name is Gustavo and i am from Brazil. I just wanna say that i am very pleased with Lingq.

I have many lessons like effortless english thay i would like to make availabre here, but i am having some problems for doing that. Can you help me?


First you need permission to share these lessons, or they have to be public domain, or have a licence that give you permission to share them. Please note that a licence with “NC” (no commercial) doesn’t give permission because LingQ is considered as commercial.

Second you have to check if not another member has shared these lessons here. In the case of “effortless english” I wonder if LingQ really has permission. Here you find the terms of service: Terms of Service - Learn to Speak English Powerfully With Effortless English Maybe they haven’t recognized until now that someone uploaded lessons. Maybe Alex can make this clearer.

On the import page is a button where you can share a lesson.