When I delete a known word from Vocabulary it disappears from my Known Words list

I have now -3 known words on my Progress Snapshot :frowning:
I can’t keep them on my vocabulary list because of the limit. Also, I have a second issue - my LingQ limit is 40 and I have now 25 of them, but I can’t create another LingQ it says that I reached my limit already…

@Litek - Deleting a LingQ moves it to your list of ignored words. If you move a LingQ up to Status 4, it is added as a known word. If you then remove this LingQ, it will remove it from your Known Words list and put it in the ignored words list.

By the way, the LingQ limit is a hard limit, meaning the limit won’t be reset when you delete LingQs. You may want to upgrade and try LingQ out for a month. If you don’t like it you can downgrade back to Free from the Account page with just two clicks :slight_smile: