When entering minus value into Hours of Lisnening

I intended to add 10 minutes for Hours of Listening, however I made a mistake adding 10 hours.
So I was trying to add -10 hours to correct it, but it’s not working.
I wanted to fix listening time.
What should I do?

If negative inputs don’t work, the only way is to listen to your missing 9 hours and 50 minutes - asap.


It should be working. If not, wait and try again if it doesn’t show up. Otherwise, contact LingQ support.

For me, it has only worked if I put the negative on the stats on the profile page, not on your home page.

My advice: Don’t worry too much about that. It doesn’t make any difference if you have, say 610 or 600 hours. The main thing is to enjoy what you’re doing, to be motivated, to put in the time and finally to develop the ability to notice in the language as Steve always says. The number of words you know, the hours of listening, etc are just an indicator of your progress. Greetings!

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I agree with you for 100%!
We are learning languages not for statistics!
Don’t pay attention to all these figures! They are nothing!!!
The most thing - enjoy your studying and try to know something new every time you start a new lesson.