When do you "know" a word?

Recently I have been pushing through as many lessons in Russian as I can, while still actually gaining some knowledge. I can recognize many words, where I passively know the word. Since I passively know them, is it fair to mark them as fair? If I were to write or speak, I would not be able to pull the word out of my head; however, when reading or listening I know the word.

What do y’all think?


Personally I am very careful about marking new words as “known”, even after doing a lot of exercises. This makes my progress (in Spanish currently seem a bit slow but I can be sure that wordss that are finally known are truly mastered and I can use them instinctively. .

If you don’t remember any word while speaking or writing, it is possible to express yourself with other active words.
Our passive vocabulary is bigger than our active one even in the native tongue.
That’s why I prefer to mark the words as known if I understand the meaning.

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