When do I review my lingq's?

I find myself creating alot of lingqs, but I never have the time to fully review them all? Should I stop with my daily reading/listening until I have them all reviewed or just keep going to better aquire the language?

I’d say review them if you find yourself forgetting what the words mean (that’s what they’re for lol). Otherwise you don’t need them and you can focus on the input. You could also do it when you otherwise don’t feel like reading or watching anything at the time to keep the language fresh in your mind.

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That’s great that you are reading and creating LingQs! Make sure to also listen to your lessons multiple times. Use your Playlist and listen on your smartphone while doing other things, just to reinforce your reading. As for those LingQs, you don’t need to learn them all using the Review. You will see them again in future lessons or, when you re-read or listen to the current lessons. Every time you see it or hear it is another review of that word. Most of your review will happen naturally in new lessons. The main thing is to make a lot of LingQs and keep moving. The words that matter will reappear in future lessons.

If you want to do some review using the activities, go ahead. Sometimes it’s nice to mix things up. Or, if you have words that give you trouble, give these a special tag and then filter for those words on the Vocabulary page so you can review those using the activities. In any case, you don’t need to know 100% before moving on. 70 - 80% is good enough, or even less if you are losing interest in a lesson. The big thing is not to try and drill every word into your brain. Your brain will learn over time. After a month, if you return to the first lesson you did, you will be surprised at how well you now understand.

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