When do I get premium points?

I payed for a premium membership with a visa card.
But I got only 500 points. When do I get the rest of points?

and when I reserved a conversation with a tutor, 500 points were deducted although I have a premium membership. Is the membership applied after one month? I am a newbie here, so I have many questions. Thanks!!

I can’t answer your first question; I’m sure someone will be along soon that can. But as for your second question - 500 points is the cost of a conversation no matter what type of membership you have. That’s the way I understand it, anyway.

@jaehyun1201 - There was a problem during your upgrade and those points were not given to you. I have added the 7500 points to your account now. As for the cost, like Jingle says, each conversation costs 500 points, no matter what membership level you have. Your membership level only affects the cost of points when you buy them. Free members pay twice as much for their points.

Thanks Jingle and Mark. I have another question. When I see the page in Login - LingQ, I can see the membership gets 50% discount of service charge in Korean. So, I expect when I apply conversation service, I would pay 250 points.
If I thought wrongly, there is a mistranslation. :slight_smile:
(I can help you if you need a Korean translator.)

As far as I can see, the info says that the various fees (e.g. conversation price of 500 points) already includes a 50% discount, not that you as a paying member are entitled to a discount on those 500 points.

I agree that the price list isn’t the most obvious. I think it would be better to have the full price listed and the paying-member price within parentheses), something like:
1 on 1 conversation - 1000 points/$10 (500 points/$5 for paying members)
4 on 1 group discussion - 1000 points/$10 (500 points/$5 for paying members)
Writing correction (100 words) - 666 points/$6.66 (333 points/$3.33 for paying members)

Ah! Thanks so much, Jeff. I clearly understand that the original fee is 1000 points and what I saw is the already discounted price.