When changing language,

from Spanish to French, for example, the ‘My writing’ part of page does not change accordingly. It still is showing my Spanish writings. I’ve tried it several times, it happens every time. I haven’t noticed it before, I think.

Sorry for that rather garbled text. What I meant to say was that when I am on the Spanish Lessons page and scroll down to look at the ‘My Writing’ section and then change the language to look at another of my submissions (this time in French), the upper part of the Lessons page will show French, but the lower part will still be in Spanish.

I signed out a number of times and refreshed six times with Control + F5, all to no avail. It’s not a major problem, though!

@ SanneT - I see that. We will get it fixed. It looks like that part of the page is being cached. Thanks for letting us know.

Today, when I complete my lessons with “I Know All” button, my known words badge doesn’t get refreshed and displays the same number of words as before. Maybe this is the same issue.

I never had problem with thing!

always update

First time I encountered this problem several hours ago. It shows up on two independent computers, so I think it is not my fault.

I understand,

here the only thing that not update is “word that read” and “times that listen”

This issue with the Known Words badge is now resolved. Sorry about that.

This is not true for my badge. In my profile I have 11620 words on my badge and 11765 words in the “Info” section (left-hand column). I’ve tried making a word known, but it reflected only Info section and not the badge.


We thought it was fixed, but it turns out we were wrong :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks for reporting it again though; we’ll do our best to get it fixed soon!