When are you deciding to speak?

I’m going to speak when I can understand music, tv, movies, books etc. However I’m going to spend at least a third of my time writing…to activate passive vocabulary into active long before I start speaking. Great thing there is a French forum.

If I write in French you will notice a brackets around the word, like this: A word with brackets is just my awareness of words I didn’t know in French. I will learn those words.

I’m going to start off very simple by googling 100 questions to get to know someone better. And I will simply write my answer in French and post it on the French forum.

If I can’t write down the full answer to the question in 12 minutes, I will simply copy paste my information and save it to word or notepad or my email draft. Then pick up where I left off tomorrow.

Ideally 30 minutes listening
18 minutes reading
12 minutes writing.

According to FSI it takes 240 hours to reach mid intermediate, or what I would consider to be mediocre score on B2.

I believe because my content is natural, but I have no goal of 240 hours…

my goal is the moment I can understand 80% a completely new show without having to study it, I will then speak.

I have no idea how long this will take because sometimes I get to go online, sometimes I don’t.


I like your plan, thank you for shared!

Great plan, BTW, I barely recognized NZ’s flag, I thought it as Australian