When are we getting dark mode on the website

It’s available in the app but it’s still not on the website. My eyes bleed when I read at night on lingq.


Three cheers to you, mate. I didn’t know such a magical setting existed on the app. not sure how much I’ll use it since I have the lights on when I’m awake and don’t do LingQ or anything that requires thinking while in bed, but it’s good to know as it may come in handy at some time.

It’s available in the app? How do I turn it on?

At the moment the Dark mode is available on the Android app only. We will make it available in LingQ 5.0 on iOS and the web too.


if you use google chrome browser you can install an extension called Dark Reader. Might be available for other browsers too, not sure.

@MarkE Yes, Android app has the Dark mode already. You can activate it under the Settings.