When a student doesn't show up

I would like to ask what happens when a student doesn’t show up at a conversion he/she reserved. Do they just lose their points or they can claim them back, since they haven’t used them?

@tosca - Technically, if a student misses their conversations they lose their points and you can tick the “did not show” tickbox on the conversation report and submit it and you will get the points. However, it is probably a good idea to check with them to find out what happened and if they do have a good reason you can try to reschedule. You should treat it as if you are running your own business, so if you treat people fairly you would hopefully get repeat business.

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Mark, I agree with this policy 100% and that’s what I always do, because I think it’s fairer. I was just talking about the situation when a student just schedule one conversation, then he doesn’t show up without any warning and it’s not clear if he wants to reschule or not…

Sono d’accordo con Mark. All’inizio, cerca di essere accomodante. Se dopo vari giorni o settimane non ricevi nessuna risposta, puoi cliccare su “did not show” e prenderti i punti.

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