Whatsapp group for spanish learnerns on lingQ

Hello, I am starting a WA group with people from lingQ learning Spanish!
Here we can talk to each others about how our learning is going or recommend good content. We could also practice writing to each others in Spanish!


I would join but i’m really bad at writing spanish at the moment haha. Not sure I would be able to contribute to the conversations, but I’ll try :slight_smile:

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Hey. I`m Paul and I Ukrainian. Not sure I would be able to contribute to the conversations, but I’ll try :slight_smile:

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#English Groups on whatsapp :arrow_heading_down:
Please observe the rules, to have a safe environment together.
Here you go, u just need to follow this links and attention if the links revoked message me in telegram just search my ID:edris_b
Follow below links

#English Group: :arrow_heading_down:

If it was full then join here

#English society: :arrow_heading_down:

#English saved messages :arrow_heading_down:

##Our telgram channel::arrow_heading_down:
English union : Telegram: Contact @english_union
#English group on telegram :arrow_heading_down:
Telegram: Join Group Chat

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You could write in English! I just started learning Spanish so I am no were near to write yet but one day I will be. We could support each others and share tips. I think of it as a group mainly for motivation.

Guys for some reason I am not getting messages from you… I have a solution you can join the group via this link: WhatsApp Group Invite

Im going to join. Just started spanish on here


Guys, please dont join if you already know Spanish to a native degree. This is a group for people who are learning Spanish. We had a person joining and basically advertising that he is a teacher and fluent in Spanish… Not okay.

We are looking for people that want to motivate each other, and talk about things related to learning Spanish.

ya that was probably lennis. She joined LingQ 94 days ago. Has done no activite for her self except to message people learning spanish and offer tutoring. Koodos for trying to drum up business. But… really. Show us you are wanting to contribute. May i Join this group? Despite you above sentence. I am basically fluent in Speaking and listening to spanish and i used to speak at a native level before my head injury. I am releaning spanish and i am fluid… but still need a lot of work. But my writing needs massive improvment. If you say no i am ok with that too.

Yo me uní al grupo porque no había leído muy bien que era para las personas que estaban aprendiendo, disculpas por unirme, pero no quería buscar clientes solo les comuniqué que era tutora. Mil disculpas, yo ya tengo mis clientes!.

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You are very welcome!

Native Spanish speaker here. I wouldn’t mind joining the group if you think I could be of help. I’m not a language teacher or anything, just willing to be helpful

Hi Alexini, I notieced this message. about knowing Spanish to a Native digree… hmmm should i leave the group then° Actually the reason why i came looking for this thread. There were a couple of threads of people wanting to join and i know you locked the group and so i would mention you would send them an invite.

hey, i’d like to join. Please share the link? The old one doesn’t work anymore.

Could you provide me with an email so i could send the link to you?

Could you provide me with an email so i could send the link to you?

This link doesn’t work

Hi add me what’s app please