What's Your Workflow?

I am wondering how others work on lessons. Here’s my method.

This is my workflow for LONG readings, such as a complete chapter of Madame Bovary. For a long reading, I do much better when I just download the audio and play it in iTunes. I start up Itunes and play the audio there, as I work along. In order to scroll, I always use the scroll bar (or, now that I have a touch screen, I may scroll by touch instead). I stop the audio frequently, in order to make or check my LingQs. (This is because my brain wants to go slower than the audio goes). I tend to listen to a complete paragraph, then stop the audio, then work through all the words in the paragraph which need my attention. At this time, I go ahead and make my LingQs, being sure to flag some of those wrong language hints discussed in another forum thread seen here: http://goo.gl/GYkcRO Then I start the audio up again. And I probably roll back the audio a bit now, so that I can hear the paragraph again, now that I have a better sense of what all the words mean.

I would love to know more about how others work through their lessons!

For long texts, I also go paragraph by paragraph, although I rarely listen to the audio again immediately.

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hi I am not using lingq right now, but another audio course, so it has text and audio, I like to listen and read my text in spanish first, and then consult the dictionary if I need to afterwards, I used to not take notice to the tenses of words before but now I always do, like if the subjunctive is used I always try and find out why, also I take the words and phrases I don’t know and add them o a notebook using the goldlist method, you can google this if you have not heard about it, anyway, for me, I think I do a lot better studying only short amounts of new texts at a time, adding the words to my notebook, rather than reading to large amounts of text and audio and only getting a vague idea, but that’s my opinion, I also am starting to watch kids cartoons now in only spanish and without subtitles, I think you need to take language learning slowly at first and don’t get over whelmed if you don’t understand a lot, and also keep moving forward and not studying the same things over and over and be patient