Whats your fauvorite content in Russian?

Im sorry if this question was already asked on the forum, but i couldnt find it.

I would like to know which is or was your fauvorite courses for each level in lingq Russian.

For me it was:


  • Basic patterns for beginners. (from evgeny)
  • Who is she. (little history by lingq)
  • История Инны. (a romantic history made for learners of Russian language)
  • анекдоты и шутки. (Jokes from evgeny)


  • Русский подкаст (this course really helped me a lot to arrive to intermediate level and to consolidate it)

  • Conversations with evgeny (interesting conversations of evgeny with students)

  • Новый русский подкаст (conversations of Steve and Evgeny

  • Comedy club семен слепаков (course of Songs from Simion Slepakov, they are really hilarious but hard to translate as he uses slang and expressions hard to found on dictionarys).

  • О времени и о себе (from evgeny, very interesting course about the times we are living nowadays and his personal life)

  • Советы учителя (advices from the teacher Evgeny, i like this coruse maybe because im also a teacher of Spanish language)

  • день за днем (about everyday life)


  • 5 минут о политике. (podkast about policitcs)

  • лингвист. (book of the founder of Lingq Steve Kaufman translated to Russian)

  • эхо москвы (popular radio in Russia)

  • Putin says (listen to Putin speech)

  • Школа жизны (interesting articles about everything)

Thats all, im sorry i couldnt remember all providers, and im sure i also forgot some interesting courses as well.

Good luck with your studys of Russian, and plase let me know which ones are your fauvorites

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To be honest, I’m still trying to find “compelling content”. For the very beginning, I did like История Нины. In the intermediate phase I found Evgeny’s Простые тексты very useful. I also mixed in some “advanced” content. Reading the first chapter of “Anna Karenina” was a great (if daunting) experience. I’ve also enjoyed learning some songs:
Катюша, Казачья Колыбельная, …
I’ll try “Новый русский подкаст”, following your recommendation and I’m enjoying the “Hockey” series by lomsa.
But now I’d like to find some real content which is not extremely complicated and it’s interesting. I’m uploading "Сандро из Чегема " as per TamL’s recommendation. I hope it does the trick.

I wouldn’t call it “compelling”, but I think at the beginners level the “Who is She” story served me quite well. After that I more or less immediately moved onto Русский подкаст, which I like very much.

I can’t find the “Русский Подкаст” course. Could someone provide a link?

Here Login - LingQ

Спасибо большое!

I see zero lesson in that course.

Maybe at the link, but if you look for it through the “new course” button, you’ll be able to access the lessons.

One question, Josu, and also to anyone who’d care to reply:
How about external resources? What content have you uploaded to Lingq that has been useful to you?

I like articles from the webside adme.ru, they are very interesting but they´re without audio

  • Also like the cartoons smehariki, you can find the text in the website rusogratis.com (you can take the stress of the words at once with the program word)

  • I like to watch many classical films from youtube channel Mosfilm, they are with English subtitles and the Russian subs i usually download them in internet and import them on Lingq.

-I imported also many videos from the channel “easyrussian” in youtube. i usually download the russian subtitles with a program and import them in lingq.

  • The last russian channel i like is"женя и конь" /genya y caballo), she has got a Spanish channel and a Russian channel where many videos have the subs to import.

And which content are you importing?

¡Gracias! Ah, sí, Genya y caballo ya lo conocía es muy divertido.

I’ve uploaded songs and parts of novels, Im planning to go on uploading the ones I like most, for the time being:
some work by Nikolai Nosov
Some chapters of “Сандро из чегема”
“Гроза” by Leonid Yuzefovich
We can share some lessons if you want.