What's this song title in english? Korean folk music I think

I was watching korean folk singers and then I suddenly went to this video. - YouTube I was wondering what it’s about. Could anyone suggest some korean folk singers. I’m in love with korean folk songs. Thank you

It is a sad song called 칠갑산 (Mount Chilgap) from 1989.
It has the traditional style melody and arrangement but not really that deeply traditional.

Here’s its lyrics.

…칠갑산…Mount Chilgap

콩밭 매는 아낙네야…A woman working the bean field
베적삼이 흠뻑 젖는다…Her hemp clothes all soaked up
무슨 설움 그리 많아…The untold sorrows she has seen
포기마다 눈물 심누나…Falling as tears on every stalk

홀어머니 두고 시집 가던 날…She left her widowed mother behind
칠갑산 산마루엔… For a wedded life with the groom
울어주던 산새 소리만…As birds chirped from the Chilgap
어린 가슴 속을 태웠소…Burning her young innocent heart

Here’s a sampling of traditional and modern Korean folk music, from very sad to earthy to exhilarating fun.

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