What's the problem

当我进入课文之后,右边没有player的显示,有时候当我click quicklingq之后再重新click standard版本会看到player 但是按了之后却没有反应,我无法听课文,也没有办法下载,我不知道是出了什么问题,因为除此之外我其他的网站都可以使用,所以希望lingq的工作人员能够帮我看一下。谢谢你们!
I can’t use lingq. There is no player button on the rignt. I can’t listen, can’t download. I don’t know what the problem is. please help me fix it. Thank you very much! I can’t without Lingq!

(1) Which browser are you using?

(2) Is the Adobe Flash plugin installed and workable?

(3) Does your problem also occur in a different browser?

Try to install Google Chrome. It has Flash already builtin. LingQ should work right out-of-the-box. If not, something is wrong with your computer or operating system (virus, trojan??).

Chrome: Google Chrome 网络浏览器

非常感谢你hape 我尝试 了googlechrome 确实我能看见player button 。 不过听得时候断断续续的,不流畅,是什么原因呢? 我也清理过病毒了,没有什么发现?还有你可以打开文章“Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland" 吗?因为我一直都无法听这个故事的内容,其他的文章可以听,只是效果不太好, 我想让你试试看你能不能听。谢谢
I can listen to the lessons except the lesson" Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland" although the quality is not good, it fluctuates. would you try the lesson"Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland" ? Thank you so much

and why the audio fluctuates?

Could you please tell me the exact collection and chapter of “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”, there 40 pages of different recordings… Impossible to find the one you are using.
Maybe you choose a different recording of the same text, there are many…

Maybe your internet connection is slow? Or the Great Chinese Firewall causes this problem with fluctuating audios… Can you test on a different computer at a different place?

ok thank you , and i can’t listen all of them but I can’t listen others. so maybe the problem is the lesson

It does sound like the problem is with this particular lesson/collection. Can you email the lesson URL (found at the bottom of the lesson, ending in /buy/) to LingQ Support? Thanks!

Lesson URL: Login - LingQ
Collection URL: http://www.lingq.com/learn/en/store/60687/

I have tried several lesssons of"Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland". I couldn’t listen to all of them. thank you

I have no trouble playing this audio file. Are you sure it isn’t related to some sort of firewall? The audio files are hosted on an external site, so you may be blocked from accessing these files.

for me the audio is working fine!

The audio is from Archive.org.
This site among others is blocked by the Great Chinese Firewall aka “Golden Shield Project”, see “Blocking of Archive.org in China mainland” - http://bit.ly/qeFTim

You can test it yourself: Website Visibility in China by WebSitePulse
and enter “http://archive.org

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Thanks everybody!yes it is the Chinese Firewall. we can’t use that!