What's the problem with reviewing vocabulary?

Hello. I can’t improve and repeat words because have this problem. (see the link below)

I’m not clicking that.

Apologies if you are sincere but because of the recent spam attacks we should all use caution and not click random links from people with 1 post.

Tell me your problem, I don’t need to click any off-site links to help you.

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I’ve just noticed you have been a member for almost a month now, so I guess I’m being too paranoid.

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I had the problem, too. Try to reload the site, then it should work again. It did for me, at least.

Kyleleitch, this link is just a picture, see the format. You don’t need to worry about spam and fear whichever negative results.

@Kyleleitch - I don’t blame you though - I’ve unwittingly opened some visually hideous stuff (not on LingQ) in the past, all because some morons wanted to take advantage of my good nature.

It made me more suspicious/less trusting of people. Trouble is, I unintentionally offended a LingQ newbie the other day! Good thing I was too ill to be embarrassed at the time, lol.

I do hope they get rid of that gonzo post quick smart though containing a porn photo link before some kid clicks on it !

I had the same problem. Try this, press the control button and while keeping it pressed hit reload on the page.

Can you tell me how did u make that link? I wanted to do the same to post my problem in LingQ forum but I was unable to do so.

It doesn’t work for me as well. Any other ideas?

I had that too and it would only work in a firefox private browsing session. The problem should be solved if you empty your cache.

Just click ctrl (command on Mac) and refresh your browser a few times on the page in which you are using the flashcards. It should clear the cache and start working properly for you again.