What's the longest streak you've maintained?

On LingQ of course. I’m up to 17 days and haven’t let myself slip up… so far. What’s the longest amount of time you’ve met your daily LingQ goals?


Good for you, Chris! I can’t remember my longest streak but I’m glad you feel motivated.
What language(s) are you focusing on at the moment?

18 days in Spanish. I had a class on Thursday and was short on time. Now I have to start it again. My goal is to reach 90 days in the 3 languages this year.

Thanks! Historically I’ve been very inconsistent in my study, months of study, followed by months of nothing. I really like the Streak feature as it has definitely kept me in line, even on days where I have not been in the mood or not had (or made) enough time.

Focusing entirely on Russian at the moment, with the tentative goal of visiting Russia mid next year.

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Spanish, English, and what would be the 3rd one ??

German. I want to visit Austuria this year and feel like an Austro-Hungarian officier in the beautiful city of Wien.

17 days is pretty good! I have about 2 more days until I get the Silver Apple for the very first time. :smiley:

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today was day 40 for me. I would really like a silver apple but the activity increases are very small for me. Regardless, I’m enjoying the daily effort so much I almost can’t believe it.

I think it was 57, but I believe sometimes it’s actually better to take a day or two off and come back fresh again. I remember some days I just focused on reaching the 13 lingqs just to get that.
It could be added to the public profile as a permanent statistic though, longest streak, Memrise had it a year or two ago when I used it to study Chinese characters

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To recharge, every now and again, I like to spend some time listening to a foreign language I’m not learning. It may may sound odd but I find it helps. Somehow I didn’t even notice the streak until recently, I always just aim for reading at least 2000 words per day.

Probably 3 or something. LMAO!

Nice job!

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And I lost my streak. Fell asleep and woke up at 12:30 AM.

i think you mean austria

Oh no! Poor you, I know exactly how you must feel as something similar happened to me on another site (slightly different context).

Don’t worry, you did it once and you can do it again.

You got to 20 days + and that’s much more than I’ve ever got to here.

I’ve never done more than 2-3 days on the trot.

Congratulations on getting to three weeks!!

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Let’s say Österreich.

Yeah, you’re right, I meant Austria. Austria is written as Avusturya in Turkish, thus, I always get confused how to spell it in English. I should have checked the dictionary.

I currently have a 53 days’ streak in French and 44 For Polish - with red hot flames every single day. I’m aiming for 100 days each.

When I told my adult son I was learning French and Polish, he rolled his eyes and told me I was “always starting languages”. My husband rolled his eyes. Adult daughter groaned. 15 year old groaned. Adoring 14 year old smiled :slight_smile: 11 year old…Well, that’s a different story; he just knows mummy says some strange words :slight_smile:

Heck, the LingQ team probably groans every time I say I’m doing something. Nothing to show in 4 years of LingQ…

So I thought, I’ll show them. I’ll show up every single day in French. But after a week I got itchy feet. One language wasn’t enough, so I added Polish.

Guess what, it’s working. Showing up every single day in both languages, doing two 90-day Challenges. Proving I can learn 2 languages together.

Check it out: 3043 words French, 1156 for Polish - which goes to show how hard Polish is :slight_smile: Yeh, baby!


90 in Ukrainian and between 80 and 90 in Russian. Can’t remember exactly.

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Keep going!

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